Lukas Julius Keijser

And we got nothing to be guilty of
A collage in four cells of a former bunker, now church, in Düsseldorf in context of the exhibition 'Contemporary Crises'.

Four screen prints (80x60, brown fabric, etching paint) based on photos taken by 'Caesar', anonymized for Facebook. A book with photos found in 40 years editions of National Geographic (approximately 1965-2004), showing people hiding their faces for all kinds of reasons. Screen prints on cardboard with Justin Bieber and a baby on it, showing the peace sign (80x60cm approximately). Signs, printed in white and red on wood with youtube-addresses shwoing videos of performances, documentaries and music videos from, among others, David Bowie and Annie Lennox, Mama Cass, Nina Simone, Sinead O'Connor (ripping the photo of the Pope during Saturday Night Live), Millie Jackson and the Blitz Kids. Screen print of Aylan in postcard size, drawn with felt tip pen.

Garlands, based on LGTB symbols. Screen printed signs (approximately 50x40cm) and portraits (approximately 15x25cm, printed with reflecting ink among others), based on photos, found in the online community Children-404. Floor, made with cardboards (50x50cm) with prints of lace paper cake pads on them. Screen print in white, neon yellow and black (50x40cm).

Floor made with cardboards (50x40cm) with dinosaurs printed on them, in white, yellow, neon yellow and black. Animal masks made of ceramics (in collaboration with Peter van Zoetendaal from Galerie Formula in Zierikzee, Netherlands), combined with signs on cardboard with the names 'Monica Lewinsky', 'Michael L. Johnson', 'Amanda Todd' and 'Hunter Moore' printed on them, in comic sans. Garlands with prints of potatoes, meat and lettuce on them. Hand out about veganism. Series of twelve photos, printed on 300 gramm copy paper, found in 40 years editions of National Geographic (approximately 1965-2004).

Series of nine screen prints in different colours, on cardboard (50x40cm), refering to pop songs about the world. Blankets, made out of rags, with one hundred prints on them in different colors, based on cut outs from newspaper The Sun, containing the word 'hell' (from 'hell of a read' to 'teenager gang hell' to 'Lybia rape hell'). Video 'Icon Ria Brieffies'. Magazin '?'. Screen print on black paper (30x20 cm approximately), printed with silver reflecting paint, installed at the ceiling.