Lukas Julius Keijser

Oh Hey It's Me
'Oh Hey It's Me' was a site-specific exhibition in the context of the exhibition series 'Antichambre' in Hotel friends at Worringer Platz in Düsseldorf, curated by Wilko Austerman and supported by the council of Düsseldorf. The exhibition took place between July 2105 and January 2016 in seven guestrooms of the hotel, as well as in the hallways and at the front of the building.

In every room one could find a framed photo (20x30cm, ugly cheap frame) of the view from outside the window from the specific hotel room; a photo in the guest book with the knee of the artist on it, taken from the bed in the specific hotel room and showing the exhibition on the walls that took place before this exhibition; screen prints in the bathrooms of the hotel rooms showing the people working in the hotel, and replacing photocopies of a black and white photo of Twiggy, in the same style.

At the reception guest could take their free postcards with the front of the hotel on it, in the hallways there was a photo of the hall carpet and the artists' toe on it, as well as little signs refering to art work that wasn't the artists', at the entrance, close to the security camera's there were hanging screen prints based on photos made with the security cams (ca. 50x40cm, carboard found at the garbage). 

In every room of the hotel rooms available for the exhibition a new work was made. Among others: a series of photos from closed shops around the hotel (seris of 6 photos, 20x30cm); a series of screen prints showing celebrities like Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber in famous hotel situations (40x50cm, on cardboard); prizes with Xtube-url's refering to videos about 'being alone in a hotel room' and two cuddly toys with white on white printed headlines of dating websites from people living closer than 500 meters from the hotel on it; screen prints with Youtube-adresses refering to songs about hotel rooms (Yoko Ono, Amanda Lear, The Knife); screen prints with poisonous flowers (40x50cm, on cardboard).

During the opening: